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Zep Tepi and the Djed Mystery: The Book of the Dead and Fallen Civilizations—Part II

Zep Tepi and the Djed Mystery: The Book of the Dead and Fallen Civilizations—Part II

Chapter XVII of the Egyptian Book of the Dead highlights an indisputable detail: ritual formulas hid proofs of prehistoric events. They were handed down orally, and after millennia they inspired the ancient civilizations, reduced to primeval state by planetary disasters which occurred between 25,000 and 8,000 BC. The ancestral story was told with extraordinary effortlessness, using very simple concepts, but extremely effective.

“It is the drops of blood (61)
which fell from Ra when he went forth (62) to cut himself.
(66) on the day of the combat of the Two Fighters.
It is the day on which Horus fought with (68) Set,
Thoth did this with his own hand.”

—Egyptian Book of Dead

Part of the Book of the Dead of Pinedjem II, 21st dynasty, circa 990-969 BC. ( CC BY-SA 3.0 )

The Ancestral Book

The Ancestral Book tells about the Sebau, followers of Ra-Osiris and then followers of Seth. Their riot achieves the apex when the Osiris Column was “ cut”.

The Djed pillar, an ancient Egyptian symbol meaning 'stability', is the symbolic column or backbone of the god Osiris. ( CC BY-SA 3.0 )

Do those clues refer to an historical event, ending a political and social order that took place during the Lost Civilization of the Pyramid rule? By analyzing the ancient book, it seems that two events took place: destruction of the Djed system and the riot against Ra-Osiris.

“O ye lords of right and truth,
and ye holy ones who [stand] behind Osiris,
who utterly do away with (84) sins and crime”

After the Osiris’ death, the Lords in Djedu ask to Thoth— the demigod, the human being initiated to the knowledge by the Gods— to establish a new social and political order, using his extraordinary ability. They ask him to renew the Djed power, lost after the Sebau riot. That is why “ These lords of right and truth are Thoth.”

Thoth, left, on a relief depicting the weighing of the heart ritual in the afterlife, with Osiris seated on the right. Deir el-Medina ( CC BY 2.0 )

The Book tells about disaster and destruction. An advanced civilization destroyed a majestic masterpiece of engineering, but how was it possible? In almost every terrestrial cultures, in the ancient civilization traditions, we can find stories telling of terrible events.

Might those events be connected with the Great Flood, enriching mythology with historical facts? Moreover, when did they happened? Very close to 10,500 BC, or in more ancient times?

Global Catastrophe

Between 50,000 and 45,000 BC, terrifying events took place all around the planet, geology confirms. Even between 30,000 and 26,500 BC a catastrophic event determined the displacement of continents, causing devastating earthquakes and tsunami. Most likely, it was the real cause of the lands sinking between the African and American continents.

Do those clues refer to the extinction of the lost Civilization of the Pyramids? Could those events have been caused by a clumsy use of ancient technologies?

Can those planetary disasters be connected to the Djed and the myth of the “Collapsed Tower”? All around the world, we can find the same story told in the Sumerian tablets, translated by Sitchin, for example, or in the Mesoamerican cultures.

Was it a scheduled tragedy? Anything is possible. In the ancient mythology, we read that the Gods’ powers were used to punish those who were disobedient.

“When the Tower fell down all connection with the Duat interrupted”


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